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  • akbarramshah 6:30 pm on January 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    50 Best Albums of the Year 2017, Ranked 


    By Eóin Donnelly

    I will always be an album guy.

    With the advent and rapid domination of quick-and-easy streaming playlists, many say the album format is dying, a prediction that I hope is based more on hyperbolic hysteria than any tangible trend. From poolside sips to getting between the sheets to the highly unlikely scenario that I will ever need a walkout tune, I make playlists for all moods and occasions like there’s no tomorrow, but there simply is no musical experience quite like a brilliant album listened to from start to finish. In 2017 many albums blessed my ears, so much so that the backlog of projects I am yet to dip my feet into could be almost as long. Time is art’s greatest enemy. The list you will find below is based on nothing more than my own subjective opinion and the replayability factor of each…

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    What Do You Want to Accomplish This Year? 


    In 2018, we’re excited to inspire you and help you to reach your goals. What plans do you have for your blog or website this year? We’ve compiled responses from our Year in Review to kick off the conversation.

    Ready for your own domain name, advanced design options, and more in 2018? Find the plan that’s right for you.

    I’m looking forward to finding like minds, reading more excellent blogs, and posting some of my own.

    — Kyt, Kyt Wright

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    I’m committed to spreading awareness…

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    Sands of Time 

    Diary of an Aesthete

    Sahara… صَحَارَى

    How can one word still evoke so much?
    Even now, as time moves on at such quickening pace…

    Worlds begin to collide, continents drift.

    Again I am standing with feet between two lands. Yet for once I am not shaken, but stilled by this dissonance, this ambivalence… Life continues to move forward into beautiful and wicked dichotomy. I’ve learnt to love my life’s dilemma, learn each day to accept it more. Even a dying flower holds a certain beauty… and, yet, I feel myself blooming again, shooting up and climbing around the doors I once traversed, now closed to me… and I find a window.

    Many moons have passed, buds have bloomed, leaves have fallen, and somehow, it still lingers… doesn’t seem to age in my mind, nor fade, or harden like memories often do. That one word. Sahara. It brings back so much.

    I guess it’s time…

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    How Land Registry data reveals London’s secret tunnels 

    Who owns England?

    This post is by Guy ShrubsoleUpdated 16th Dec 2017 with post-script on Birmingham’s secret tunnels. 

    The existence of a secret network of Cold War-era tunnels beneath central London can be confirmed by recently-released Land Registry data, Who Owns England can reveal.

    There’s growing public interest in opening up previously hidden parts of subterranean London – from the unearthing of buried rivers, to the success of underground tourist ventures like the Cabinet War Rooms and the Mail Rail. But the authorities have remained reluctant to publicly confirm the existence of some of London’s most secretive tunnel systems – until now.

    Last month, the Land Registry released free of charge its Corporate & Commercial dataset, which lists the 3.5 million land and property titles owned by all UK companies and corporate bodies. Some careful sifting of this vast dataset has uncovered various tunnels and underground chambers beneath…

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    Northern Lights Over Ringinglow 

    Sian Vernon


    A snowy, wintery tree scene based on a view of Lady Canning’s Plantation above Ringinglow, with added festive Northern Lights. You can’t really see the Northern Lights from Sheffield but I liked the idea!

    Available to buy as an A4 signed art print and an A6 greeting card

    Lots more Peak District art, prints and cards for sale in my Folksy shop:

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    Let’s Talk About Rudolph 

    Giddy Up America

    On Tuesday night we get our first airing of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer this Christmas season. Lucky you if you own it and have gotten a jump on the rest of us. It’ll be the first time I’ve watched it this year, but I’m going to be honest, with each viewing I find myself more and more confused by the beloved holiday classic. I try to keep my comments to myself because quite frankly, My Darling Wife would sometimes prefer it that way, but even at my most polite and supportive, I can’t help myself. The movie has some issues and while the issues aren’t as disturbing as those in another holiday classic Home Alone, there are still enough there to be considered somewhat troubling.

    If for some reason you’ve never seen the movie or it’s been ages since you have, let me quickly refresh you.

    Two reindeer…

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  • akbarramshah 3:03 pm on December 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    176 A journey through severe depression 

    Atop North Mountain

    I looked up at the mountain as I came home today.  I’ve driven this road a hundred times in the last six months and haven’t given it even a moment of thought.  So knowing that what properly functioning  people do is notice, I somehow slowed the whirring gears of my mentally ill brain enough to see that the leaves are gone.  Wooden skeleton trees stand frozen waiting for the heavy snow to adorn their naked limbs; Less showy than their previous blazing jewelry but still a delicate sort of beauty.

    Mount Hanley (our tiny Nova Scotia community) is still the place it was six months ago as well.  Everything carried on without me; the world not requiring my sanity, my work or my involvement.  My children grew despite my hollowness.  They smiled and ate; played and worked.  I wonder if they saw me pretending to live or if they were…

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    Just Another Photo Blog

    Bit of a bucket list moment for me last night, in which I finally got to shoot Metallica on their gargantuan World Wired tour as it stopped off in New Jersey last night. Boyle_Metallica_053Boyle_Metallica_069Boyle_Metallica_081Boyle_Metallica_092Boyle_Metallica_139Boyle_Metallica_141Boyle_Metallica_150Boyle_Metallica_161Boyle_Metallica_171Boyle_Metallica_180Boyle_Metallica_184Boyle_Metallica_222Boyle_Metallica_285Boyle_Metallica_329

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    Whip egg whites, expectations, preheat an oven,
    carefully cultivate delicate friendships with belligerent drunks.

    Add laughter by the teaspoons, desperation by cups, and apathy
    in gallons. Freeze and thaw. Partially defrost. Chill for hours.

    Pour in buckets of sugar, cinnamon, precious time and effort.
    Fuck it up; do it over. Scrape off what sticks to the bowl.

    Mix with diverse elements, separate egg whites and yolks;
    throw away both parts; walk on the shells; get smashed.

    Throw in spices, dashes of steam,
    beat and be beaten, blacken, carmelize.

    Set a table for two, four six, eight. China teacups
    paper plates and silver flasks.
    Forget to turn off the oven.

    Get out nice napkins, linen, tin cups, and plastic forks.
    Bring out coffee, enchiladas, cheeseburgers, tofu,
    Slim-fast shakes, sushi, apertif.

    Wake up to a sink full of dishes.

    Eli Binkovitz is a Jewish, genderqueer  poet living in Chicago. They have a…

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