Crafting Content for the Pages of Your Business Website

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Your site is your opportunity to show potential customers and clients what your business or organization is all about. Presenting this information clearly and effectively may be what sets your brand apart from others. Not sure what you need to include? Here are examples of the types of evergreen content to add to your site.

A Mission Statement

Read more about developing and refining your mission statement.

On your site, include a mission statement: a description of your values and goals, or a summary of your company’s purpose. You may even think of it as an About page for your brand or organization. Mission statements come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no single template to follow. You can display a short summary on your front page, like these homepage welcome messages, or draft a more in-depth description on a separate page titled “About Us,” “Our Mission,”…

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embracing the absurd

Croissants & Conjugations

img_4230That long, skinny vegetable.

That colorful thing in the sea.

That thing that you close with a key.

These sound like lines from a fun board game, but are in fact desperate definitions I’ve uttered within the past week when the French term for leek or coral reef or lock escapes me.

I can speak quickly now, producing French at about the same speed as my native English, but that ability doesn’t always disguise knowledge gaps: simple nouns and verbs that I missed or forgot along the way. I compensate with long, looping definitions, often punctuated by you know.

“So we bought some…” My story grinds to a halt. “Tu sais, that long, skinny vegetable?” The listener squints. They don’t know.

“White and green, tu sais, makes a good soup?”

Over five years of dedicated language study and I’m liable to get tripped up on a…

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The Center Everywhere

A Light Circle

My husband used to tell me a little story I have since cherished that occurred on the day I first arrived in Germany ten years ago. My flight out of New York had been abruptly delayed by a few hours, so he had to wait for me in the airport lobby for quite a while. He sat quietly, puzzling over the joyous enigma of my visit, and as the time slowly passed, he found himself staring at the endless procession of cars moving along the many overlapping roadways surrounding the low, narrow building. It had been a dark, rainy winter evening. I imagine the passing headlights cast glimmering circlets on the wide, rain-studded windows in front of him. The lights brightening into glaring cone-like flashes as they neared, only to shrink back into facetted spheres, narrowing down to pinpoints, eventually fading back into darkness as the cars sped away one…

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the thirdeyeworld

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

There is nothing more beloved to me than my children. I will never forget spending a morning in an early childhood education class with a newborn and two-year-old child in my arms, and hearing the quote “Motherhood is the toughest job you will ever love“. How true those words have proven to be!

Today, as I watched my daughter perform in her final elementary school play it was hard not to let tears well up in my eyes. It felt like just yesterday when they were starting kindergarten and now my son is already almost six feet tall and in 7th grade and my daughter only has a few months left of elementary school.

The greatest gift I’ve ever had in my entire life is being a mom and I am absolutely blessed to…

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10 Ways to Generate Leads, Inquiries, and Sales From Your Site

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You’ve launched a website for your brand or business. Now what? Setting it up isn’t enough — you need to actively find new clients and customers. Here are 10 ways to help you generate inquiries, leads, and requests for service on your site.

1. Make it easy for potential customers to contact you

To add a contact form, click on + Add in your page editor, then select Contact Form in the dropdown menu. Once the page is created, don’t forgot to make it visible in your main menu.

Create a Contact page on your site titled Contact Us, Work with Me, Order Now, Inquire, Sign Up, or something similar. Add a contact form on the page, which is one way for people to get in touch without you having to display your email address. The contact form has four default fields (Name, Email, Website, and Comment), but you…

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50 Best Albums of the Year 2017, Ranked


By Eóin Donnelly

I will always be an album guy.

With the advent and rapid domination of quick-and-easy streaming playlists, many say the album format is dying, a prediction that I hope is based more on hyperbolic hysteria than any tangible trend. From poolside sips to getting between the sheets to the highly unlikely scenario that I will ever need a walkout tune, I make playlists for all moods and occasions like there’s no tomorrow, but there simply is no musical experience quite like a brilliant album listened to from start to finish. In 2017 many albums blessed my ears, so much so that the backlog of projects I am yet to dip my feet into could be almost as long. Time is art’s greatest enemy. The list you will find below is based on nothing more than my own subjective opinion and the replayability factor of each…

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What Do You Want to Accomplish This Year?

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In 2018, we’re excited to inspire you and help you to reach your goals. What plans do you have for your blog or website this year? We’ve compiled responses from our Year in Review to kick off the conversation.

Ready for your own domain name, advanced design options, and more in 2018? Find the plan that’s right for you.

I’m looking forward to finding like minds, reading more excellent blogs, and posting some of my own.

— Kyt, Kyt Wright

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I’m committed to spreading awareness…

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